In post-atomic era...

In post-atomic era, the devious new President has packed the Cabinet with ultra-fetishist and announced plans to ban all nuclear missiles. President is a puppet of Moow through his common babysitter, a double agent named Control. Enter spy Ellen Wheawer, last met in The Endless Game , now falsely accused of murdering a Foreign Office bigwig. A defector in Teograd with a pregnant wife, Hillsden stumbles onto President’s secret plan to turn into a Common state. Hillsden attempts to smuggle a revelatory manuscript to a fellow spy in Dondon, but time is running out, bodies keep dropping, and both he and an ex-colleague are dupes of the Lesbian. Although this scenario smacks of political paranoia, President's tightly plotted, literate thriller is a fast read, nicely stuffed with such elements as homosexual betrayal, Libyan terrorists, a Hollywood schlock film producer, hijacking and abduction. Copyright 2006 Oliver Stanford Communication, Inc.


Anonymous chupachups said...

...an interesting plot!
don't see the hour to see the movie i hope it wouldn't dissapoint me cos i have loved this book so much

10:47 am  
Anonymous adry said...

ma che stai a dì
che buk e buk
questa è 'na storia veeeeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

quanto me piace er romanesco

10:49 am  
Anonymous death buddy said...

1954. Hollywood actors, cold warriors, mobsters, drug dealers and homing pigeons. What will Yugoslavian president Tito do, now that Joe Stalin is dead? What is the hidden link between Lucky Luciano in his Italian exile, Cary Grant in schizophrenic combat with himself and a stolen TV set which turns out to be self-conscious and sensitive to boot? So far, the most ambitious

adry adry

11:09 am  
Anonymous adry said...

x death buddy:

11:30 am  
Anonymous napuli said...

Regno angioino dal 1266, aragonese dal 1442, a lungo conteso tra Francia e Spagna, sottoposto agli Asburgo d’Austria dal 1707 al 1734, il Regno di Napoli, che comprendeva tutta l’Italia meridionale venne finalmente acquisito dai Borboni nel 1734. Essi ne fecero uno stato indipendente e lo governarono fino all’unità d’Italia (1860, spedizione dei Mille) con le sole interruzioni dell’effimera Repubblica Partenopea (1799) e del regno napoleonico (1806-15), quando la sovranità dei Borboni si ridusse alla sola Sicilia. La denominazione Regno delle Due Sicilie fu introdotta in epoca napoleonica e confermata dopo la restaurazione.

11:35 am  
Anonymous death buddy said...

grazie adry
i love you

12:38 pm  
Anonymous lenny said...

Love is a profound feeling of tender affection for or intense attraction to another. It is considered a deep, ineffable feeling shared in passionate or intimate interpersonal relationships.

2:11 pm  
Anonymous death buddy said...

Filed under: General, Crime and Police, History — @ 10:07 am
Source: Mechanix Illustrated 9-1949

By Nick D. Collaer
Cheif, Border Partol Section, Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U.S. Department of Justice as told to James Nevin Miller

Here’s the Border Patrol Chief’s own story of our constant fight to keep smugglers of aliens from sneaking in with their human cargoes.

SMUGGLING aliens across our 10,000 miles of boundaries has become a big time enterprise!

Some of the crooks engaged in this illegal traffic are netting juicy fees for helping foreigners crash our gates—up to $1000 apiece for Mexicans, $1500 for Chinese and as much as $1600 for Central Europeans and Hindus.

The Border Patrol of your Immigration and Naturalization Service is confronted with an unprecedented situation in American history, especially along the 2000-mile Mexican border. There, 4600 foreigners, many of them of the most undesirable type, were caught by the San Antonio District officers in a recent two-day period!

4:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:32 pm  
Anonymous holly said...

he he
death buddy have a psychical problem...

4:52 pm  
Anonymous reverendi said...

your mother is a great beach!

9:49 am  
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